Saturday, 2 June 2012

Elliot Davis receives Cecil Day Lewis Literary Award

Congratulations to one of our first year English students, Elliot Davis, who received a Cecil Day Lewis Literary Award for his poem Devotion.  It is not Elliot's first award or publication in this annual competition.  This year he entered his winning poem and also a short story entitled Michael the Starling, both of which you can read below.  


The vixen is hunting,
Searching for food,
She knows she must find some,
Aid for her brood.

She pads through the snow,
Lightly on foot,
Her red fur is glowing,
Her nose is like soot.

Way in the distance,
She can hear calls,
Her children are praying,
She must save them all.

The stars they are shining,
Leading the way,
The fox must keep scouting,
Or else she will pay.

Her eyes are devoted,
Her heart is so proud,
She always keeps going,
For that she has vowed.

By Elliot Davis.

 Michael the Starling

Once upon a time there lived a starling called Michael. He was a very greedy bird. One day in Spring when he was going on his early morning flight he came across two nesting boxes mounted on a wall, one green and one brown. Michael thought they would make a great home for him but he didn’t know which one to pick. Eventually he went inside the green one first. He thought it was beautiful. Then he went inside the brown one. He thought it was equally as nice. Michael went to find his mate and brought her back to the nesting box. That day he went to find some grass and small twigs to build a nest for his mate. On his way he met a robin. “I have this great new house !” said Michael boastfully to the robin. “I’m still looking for one,” said the robin with a sigh and he flew off. Michael found enough grass and twigs to build the nest for his mate in one go. For a whole week Michael hopped between the two nesting boxes, scaring away all other birds while his mate sat in the new nest. But on the eighth day Michael began to get hungry. He flew away in search of food. This time he met a blue tit. “I have such a brilliant house !” said Michael to the blue tit pompously. “I know,” said the blue tit, “you’ve been telling everyone !” and he flew off. When Michael got back to the two nesting boxes he found someone in the brown one. It was the robin from last week ! “I thought I’d come and investigate your ‘brilliant’ home,” said the robin. “Get out of my house !” bellowed Michael angrily. “It’s not your house,” said the robin, “’that’s’ your house,” and he pointed to the green nesting box. Michael went back to the green nesting box in a huff. He decided that he and his mate would complain to the mayor of that area which was George the Eagle. Michael and his mate flew and flew and flew telling everyone they met along the way about their superb home. Finally they reached George’s house at the very top of a big, old oak tree. “Mister George, hello? Are you up there?” Michael called out. “Is that Michael the Starling?” boomed George. “Yes and I was just…” said Michael but George cut in. “If this is another complaint about wanting more things or wanting someone else’s stuff then I’m not listening Michael,” said George. “But…” started Michael. “Go home Michael,” said George and he closed the door on his huge nesting box. Michael flew home with his mate, livid that George wouldn’t listen to him. To his surprise when he got back to his lovely, green nesting box he found someone else in it. It was the blue tit from earlier that day. “I came to check out what all the fuss was about,” said the blue tit. “But this is my house, get out of my house,” roared Michael. “It’s mine now,” said the blue tit and she moved to reveal a brood of six young chicks. Michael and his mate flew off searching desperately for somewhere to live but all the nesting boxes and good trees were full. Every time he went to a nest the birds inside just said, “you were the one bragging to all of us so we came to have a look,” Michael was very sad, but he learned his lesson !

By Elliot Davis.