Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The College Press Eggs-tra special Easter edition!

Before any of you try and lynch me for actually making that joke, my superior officer asked me to do it (ergo: Mr. Doyle).  Lynch him, not me.

With that said, I hope you've all enjoyed this pretty short term and you're prepping yourselves for the last eight weeks with no break before the Summer. (Or the Gauntlet of Doom, as I've taken to calling those eight weeks).  But we have a nice long holiday to get through before all that, and with any luck this term's article will be full of plenty egg-stravigant articles to fit your desires. (That joke actually was my fault. Sorry, not sorry?)

So whether you're going to be chomping on chocolate eggs, spending a day out with your friends at a parade or you're going to catch up on three weeks worth of sleep, I hope you all have a great Easter.

All the best,

Sam Burke. ^_^

(Side note: For this issue only, we're bringing in the college press drinking game. Take a drink for every egg pun we make in this issue counting the two we just made...God help you, follow the link below if you dare)