Thursday, 22 December 2016

Seasons Greetings college press readers. This terms article are sure to get you in the Christmas spirit!

This article is filled with everything from the school musical, Les Miserable, to all your favourite Christmas songs and movies.

We hope you enjoyed reading this terms article, and remember…

You still have time to get back on Santa’s nice list!!!!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Deryn & Eve

Friday, 28 October 2016

Once more Halloween has come around! The monsters beneath your bed are coming out to play, and the witches are brewing their potions. Brooms will be flying, wolves will be howling so lock your doors.

Our latest issue of the College Press features articles from current affairs in school, a      punderful pun page and the cutest owl you will ever see...

Enjoy your trick or treating but beware for the night is dark and full of terrors.

And remember…

Winter is coming.

Deryn Mooney & Eve Murphy              

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

College Press Summer edition...

Well, we made it. It took a hell of a lot of effort to get here

but we did, we're at Summer. For some it's the end of

their first year for others it's the ending of a chapter of their

lives and for some it means a three month break before

they come back and start the show all over again.

For once I'm going to try my best to be sincere and say that

this year has certainly been something. Each year just

seems to get quicker and quicker but I can safely say that

this year has been a fun one. Between all the goings on of

school life to whole host of events that we've seen go on

this year, it's been a memorable one.

There's a lot of things I'd like to say here but as I've only got

limited space I'll need to keep it brief. So all I'll say is, a

huge thank you to everybody who's contributed to working

on the college press and making it what it is (Yes, even you

Mr. Doyle). And a huge thank you to You, the beautiful

people of Newbridge College for picking up a copy of our

magazine each term to see what's been going on.

So whether you're planning to jet off somewhere to get a

good sun tan, doing the last bit of study for your leaving or

junior certs or you're in TY and you're bracing yourself to do

some actual work next year, I hope that this final issue of

the school year will give you all the news you could

possibly want and/ or need.

Good night and good luck. Your faithful editor,

Sam Burke. ^_^

Friday, 1 April 2016

Celebrated Irish poet Paul Durcan

Some of Durcan’s poems are extremely long, others are incredibly short.  However even when the poem is short, these little nuggets are bursting with content and finely crafted style.
Durcan is a master of the very short poem.  They often work like punchlines or visual gags.  We stare for a minute or two before we get the true meaning.He manages to pack a great deal of meaning into a couple of lines.  They often work by juxtaposition i.e. placing two unlikely statements side by side. 

These poems confront us with a question and often a very unlikely answer.
After studying Durcan's poetry, my class wrote their own short poems mimicking the themes, style and Format.  The results are in the video below.

World Book Day

Schools around the country celebrated World Book Day in Ireland on Thursday 3rd March 2016. Over the last 19 years World Book Day has become firmly established as Ireland’s biggest annual event promoting the enjoyment of books and reading. The main aim is to encourage children to explore the pleasure of books and reading by providing them with an opportunity to have a book of their own. This may sound like a very simple idea, but unfortunately, many children do not have access to books in their homes.
Here at Newbridge College we promoted a read-a-thon, book quizzes, a treasure hunt among many other activities and some teachers of questionable sanity even dressed up as well known literary characters.  Below are a selection of pictures from the day.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The College Press Eggs-tra special Easter edition!

Before any of you try and lynch me for actually making that joke, my superior officer asked me to do it (ergo: Mr. Doyle).  Lynch him, not me.

With that said, I hope you've all enjoyed this pretty short term and you're prepping yourselves for the last eight weeks with no break before the Summer. (Or the Gauntlet of Doom, as I've taken to calling those eight weeks).  But we have a nice long holiday to get through before all that, and with any luck this term's article will be full of plenty egg-stravigant articles to fit your desires. (That joke actually was my fault. Sorry, not sorry?)

So whether you're going to be chomping on chocolate eggs, spending a day out with your friends at a parade or you're going to catch up on three weeks worth of sleep, I hope you all have a great Easter.

All the best,

Sam Burke. ^_^

(Side note: For this issue only, we're bringing in the college press drinking game. Take a drink for every egg pun we make in this issue counting the two we just made...God help you, follow the link below if you dare)

Friday, 12 February 2016

College Press - The Lurve Edition

What do you mean I spelled the title wrong? I have no idea

what you're talking about. (Wink)

Seriously though, it's that time of year again, when couples

are allowed to get away with a lot more in public and sales for

tacky heart shaped cards go through the roof.

Maybe some of you have dates, maybe you don't, whatever

your social activities may be you'll be sure to find plenty of

worthwhile, love related, articles in this terms issue.

So whether you'll be out on the town on Valentine's night,

jetting off to France for a few days or spending your evening

with two guys call “Ben and Jerry”, I hope you all have a great



All the best,

Sam Burke. ^_^