Suggested and Required Reading

The Guardian Children's Library

The Guardian Children's Library gives great suggestions for all age ranges.

Just click here to be redirected to The Guardian's Library for children. It caters for all age ranges to cover reading tastes pre, during and post life at Newbridge College. We particularly recommend the Teen section to get some reading ideas for that midterm or summer holiday.

Junior Reading Assignment for 1st and 2nd years

Judith Clarke:                                     Al Capsella & the Watchdogs.   The Heroic Life of Al Capsella
Aubrey Flegg:                                     Cinnaomn Tree.  Wings Over Delft
Celine Kiernan:                                    The Crowded Shadows. The Poison Throne
Conor Kostick:                                   Epic. Move. Saga
Sam McBratney:                                 The Chieftian’s Daughter
Ian Somers:                                        The Million Dollar Gift
Tatania Skrelkoff:                                Allison – A Story of First Love
Adele Geras:                                      Troy
Bernard Ashley:                                  Jonnie’s Blitz.  Playing Against the Odds
Susan Cooper:                                   The Dark is Rising Series
Philip Pullman:                                     Dark Materials Series
J.R.R. Tolkien:                                    The Hobbit.  The Lord of the Rings Series
Anne Fine:                                          The Flour Babies
Mildred D. Taylor:                               Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry.
Anne Frank:                                       Her Diary
Michelle Magorian:                             Goodnight Mr. Tom
Jack London:                                      Call of the Wild
Tom Bowler:                                      Apocalypse. Bloodchild. Starseeker
Robert Swindells:                               Blitzed.  World Eater.  Staying Up
Emily Bronte:                                     Wuthering Heights
Charlotte Bronte:                               Jane Eyre
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:                    Hound of the Baskervilles
Robert Westall:                                 The Windeye.  Gulf.  Falling Into Glory
Katherine Paterson:                           Jacob Have I Loved
S.E. Hinton:                                       The Outsiders
Charles Dickens:                                A Christmas Carol
James Watson:                                   Talking in Whispers
Harper Lee:                                        To Kill a Mockingbird
Melvin Burgess:                                  An Angel for May. Sara’s Face
Berlie Doherty:                                   Holly Starcross.  Granny Was a Buffer Girl
Jane Austen:                                      Pride and Prejudice
Louisa May Alcott:                            Little Women
Frances Hodgson Burnett:                  A Little Princess.  The Secret Garden
J. Fenimore Cooper:                          The Last of the Mohicans

Novels and Plays now available on Library e-Readers!
Texts suitable for L.C. students
Texts suitable for J.C. students

   The Picture of Dorian Gray
   Pride and Prejudice

   The Metamorphosis

    Little Women

   King Lear

   Heart of Darkness

   Great Expectations



   A Tale of Two Cities

   The Great Gatsby


    The Merchant of Venice

    Romeo and Juliet

     Julius Caesar

    Treasure island

    Through the Looking Glass

    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

     Robinson Crusoe


     Alice's adventures in Wonderland

    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

     A Christmas Carol

    To Kill a Mockingbird