Wednesday, 1 June 2016

College Press Summer edition...

Well, we made it. It took a hell of a lot of effort to get here

but we did, we're at Summer. For some it's the end of

their first year for others it's the ending of a chapter of their

lives and for some it means a three month break before

they come back and start the show all over again.

For once I'm going to try my best to be sincere and say that

this year has certainly been something. Each year just

seems to get quicker and quicker but I can safely say that

this year has been a fun one. Between all the goings on of

school life to whole host of events that we've seen go on

this year, it's been a memorable one.

There's a lot of things I'd like to say here but as I've only got

limited space I'll need to keep it brief. So all I'll say is, a

huge thank you to everybody who's contributed to working

on the college press and making it what it is (Yes, even you

Mr. Doyle). And a huge thank you to You, the beautiful

people of Newbridge College for picking up a copy of our

magazine each term to see what's been going on.

So whether you're planning to jet off somewhere to get a

good sun tan, doing the last bit of study for your leaving or

junior certs or you're in TY and you're bracing yourself to do

some actual work next year, I hope that this final issue of

the school year will give you all the news you could

possibly want and/ or need.

Good night and good luck. Your faithful editor,

Sam Burke. ^_^