Friday, 23 March 2012

#NC140 Finalists

#NC140 Finalists
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Robert May
We were always close, but that repulsive wheeze as the pain shot through her body could not stop me from praying "please, not again" (Sixth Year)
Alan Kelly
Shaun, the last person on earth sits down in his living room to have his dinner; he hears   a knock on the door. (Second Year)

Ellen Higgins
Mum’s gone, friends over, house fire. (Second Year)

Sam Burke
We stood there brother against brother, our swords drawn. We inhaled and ran at each other as the golden sun rose over the trees.
(First Year)
Blathnaid Corless
I lay in a hypnotic state. Exasperation and shock lay in the faces of those that surrounded me; with all but me knowing why. (Second Year)

Pupils can help the judges select their winner by going to the @NewEnglishIRL twiiter page and voting.

The voting page can also be found here.

Good luck to all of the finalists. The winner will be announced on Thursday March 29th with the winner collecting a 20 euro One-For-All voucher.