Tuesday 4 September 2012

Resource Pack: Macbeth

William Shakespeare's Macbeth is a choice as a Single Text, as well as the comparative course for L.C. 2014. Below are some online resources that may be helpful for teachers and pupils alike in the study of The Scottish Play. The list will be added to over the coming weeks and months so don't hesitate to get in touch if you find some helpful resources. This is a brief introduction to the play adapted from SkyMinds.net

''Shakespeare decided to show the steps by which a noble man is made to his damnation, to depict a man lured by evil. The more evil Macbeth is, the more isolated he becomes.
Shakespeare could not show a devil at the time of the Renaissance (for it was considered as comical at that time) so he showed witches instead, who were human beings that had given their souls to the Devil). Witches are not naturally evil. They have to become evil, just like Macbeth.  They represent fate and humans who have become evil. They know the past, govern the present and can foresee the future. They appear at the beginning, announce Macbeth’s rise and finally his fall : mainly at strategic moments. They only tempt Macbeth because he is ambitious and responsible. Ambition and his wife’s influence will lead him to murder Duncan. Everything is motivated by fear. His solitude increases with the number of crimes.''

1. Link to a series of video scene by scene analysis by Prof. William Lasseter and the Providence eLearning team.
2. The Tragedy of Macbeth- Entire text of the play.
3. Gradesaver Guide to Macbeth with notes on key characters and themes.
4. A link to MindConnex ebook version of Macbeth. The books are not free but come with animated guide videos and notes as a guide.
5. Cliffsnotes Guide to Macbeth - With videos and quizzes that may be helpful for revision.
6. opensourceShakespeare quick links to quotes of all scenes and characters.
7. NewEnglish Popplet presentation on the major characters.
8. Web English list of resources to Macbeth.
9. SCC English Collection of Show Me discussions on Macbeth.