Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Dylan Walker - Jigsaw Genius

Please find below a short story from one of our third years here in the College. Follow the adventures of the charismatic Dylan Walker (Jigsaw Genius) as he tries to figure out a weird journey through space and time!
Below is a small extract but click here for the full essay.

'' Unfortunately, Dylan has yet to discover the feeling of having a good time, strange for a man edging towards his twenty-first birthday. Dylan may not have much planned for his big day, but what fate has in store for him is something only a jigsaw genius could piece together. This particular evening, as the sun was slowly making its way down from the tip of the sky, he was helping his mother finish cleaning up the dinner dishes.  Once everything was complete, he gathered up his freshly-ironed clothes for another day of doors being slammed in his face the following morning at work.  With his bedroom door  shut and the lights out, it was only the twinkling of the stars that shed a little light through Dylan’s window.  Just before he closed his eyes, a shooting star appeared.  Dylan shut his eyes and whispered,  “I wish I could be somebody”,  just before Death’s first cousin Sleep had taken over him.''