Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sherbet Lemons

Please find below a collection of descriptive writing pieces completed by second year students here in the College. The pupils were asked to describe Sherbet Lemons....mmmm Sherbet Lemons...! Enjoy.
             Sherbet Lemons

It sat there. On my desk. A delicate glass marble so cold and fragile that I was almost afraid to touch it. It was a golden drop trapped in a plastic film. It waited to be unwrapped like a present on my birthday, begging. And so I obliged. I picked it up; it felt like a hard plastic stone. The wrapper glistened in the light, as it crunched gently in my fingers. I slowly removed the wrapper. It felt as sticky as toffee; it was smooth along the edges like glass but rough on the top like sand paper. A lemony invasion overtook my nose, a tangy explosion. Then, I put it in my mouth.
                   The taste was extraordinary. It was a magnificent juice that filled my entire mouth, a refreshing burst of sugar. It was a sweet bomb on my unprepared tongue. I bit down through it, it split into tiny fragments, like debris floating around my mouth, and when I swallowed, my mouth was a cave, hollow and empty, still echoing with that old bang of flavour.

Celine Dignam
Newbridge College