Friday, 14 December 2012

Resource Pack: Julius Caesar

Often overlooked as a play at J.C. level, Julius Caesar is a play full of love, lies, politics and murder.The play has strong key moments such as the murder of Caesar and the climatic battle at the end. Strong themes such as friendship, loyalty and public vs private persona can be charted throughout. All of which makes Julius Caesar a great choice for your Studied Drama section in your J.C. exam. Listed below are some helpful links that may assist your study and/or revision of the play. We hope to add to the list in future so don't be afraid to get in touch if you find a good link online!

Mark Anthony's emotive eulogy to the Roman crowds, as performed here by the R.S.C., is just one fantastic moment you could discuss for your J.C. Studied Drama questions. (KEY WORDS: Rhetoric and Persuasion.)

1. Complete text.
2. Sparknotes Guide to Julius Caesar.
3. CliffsNotes Guide to Julius Caesar.
4. Link to MindConnex version of Julius Caesar. They are not free but come with helpful videos and notes.
5. Julius Caesar Paraphrase - '' This paraphrase of William Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar is intended as a supplement to the original work. Read it along with the original as an aid to comprehension, not as a replacement, since no paraphrase can ever match the richness of Shakespeare's original text.''

 6. Shmoop Guide to Julius Caesar.

7. Royal Shakespeare Company - Lots of helpful links and resources.

8. A Guide to Julius Caesar from The Literature Network .

9. Gradesaver Guide to Julius Caesar.

10. Web English Teacher Collection of resources and lesson plans on Julius Caesar. An amazing list that will be of benefit to both pupils and teachers alike.