Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Quizlet: Make the revision process fun and digital.
Thanks to @gorillageoblog for sending me in the direction of Quizlet. I've been trying it out for the last couple of days and I am really impressed. Listed after this Julius Caesar example (you can shuffle the cards and click the audio directly from this embed) are some features I like already about the site:

  • Free for teachers (For your first eight classes and a Pro version is available for $15)
  • Free for pupils to join and use
  • Available on online, iOS and Android
  • Create revision flashcards
  • Add pictures from Flickr
  • Automatically adds audio to written texts
  • Ability to create new revision sets
  • Ability for pupils to add to and edit revision sets for collaborative learning
  • Ability to physically print or embed flashcards
  • Turn revision into games. (Space Race is great! Makes learning fun)