Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Great Gatsby: Revision Quiz

This year I have been studying The Great Gatsby with my Fifth Year English class. They will be using it to answer questions in the Single Text section of their L.C. English exam in 2015. We really enjoyed our study of the novel as a class and feel like we really got to know the characters, their world and their motivations. We found the novel is packed with amazing moments, characters, descriptive writing and symbolism. This week we are creating some revision activities before we attempt some Single Text exam questions. One of our revision activities was to have a class quiz on the novel. Well done to the creatively named in-class winning team of 'Liam and the Other Two' . To keep the competitive action, learning, going I have created this online revision quiz that individual pupils, from anywhere, can attempt to win. You don't need an account to play for fun but you will need one if you want to have your score saved on the leader board. The best of luck to everyone!