Monday, 28 January 2013

StudyBlue Revision App

StudyBlue is available on any iOS device, Android and online.

This App will by no means bring an end to the long hard hours of revision needed to succeed at J.C. and L.C. exam might just make it more fun. Not just fun, but productive. Not just productive, but mobile.

StudyBlue is great as you can use the search bar for Flip Cards that already exist or create your own. The App allows you to put in a term on one side of a card and then the ability to flip it over for the definition. It is a simple system that pupils have been using for decades with revision cards. However StudyBlue also allows you to add media content such as picture or audio if you are more a visual or auditory learner.
The App will also group revision decks by the same class name or school. This could lead to great collaborative learning or group research projects.With the Mock season right upon us, it might be just what you need!

You can find the App on Twitter @StudyBlue. They've been in touch and are happy to take any questions you might have about the App.Just click the Follow button below.