Monday, 4 February 2013

The Million Dollar Gift: Book Reviews by First Years

Book Review
Reviewed By: Olivia, Rebecca and Taha from 1Z
Title: The Million Dollar Gift
Author: Ian Somers


At the beginning of this book the main protagonist, Ross Bentley, is a lonely and unhappy teenager living in a small, quiet town in Ireland. Still filled with resentment due to the loss of his mother at a young age, Ross has only one friend, hates his job and has an extremely difficult relationship with his father.
Ross discovered in his early teens that he has the gift of psychokinesis which means that he can move things using the power of his mind. Instead of using his extraordinary abilities to enhance his life, Ross kept his gift a secret and pushed everyone he loved away from him.
Then he learns of The Million Dollar Gift, a competition being run by an American company who are offering a million dollars to anyone who can prove that they have a superhuman power. Ross decides not to pass up the opportunity to turn his life around and with new-found hope he leaves his job and opens up to his father. He travels alone to London to enter the competition unaware of the dangerous situation he is putting himself in and is thrust into the middle of a chaotic struggle for money and power. 

by Olivia


The author's writing is very powerful and effective. He uses a technique called omniscient narration really well. There is suspense and intrigue in this book which also has a lot of great imagery. At the end of the novel we get lots of exciting revelations.

We personally found this book very humorous, action packed, thrilling and very intriguing but this book also contained a lot of spelling mistakes along with typos.
We will definitely recommend this to other first year classes because it is fast-paced and very interesting and makes the reader continuously eager to turn to the next page!

Our overall conclusion of this book is that it is very good and that since we finished the book we still feel very curious as to what will happen in the next book. We found the Million Dollar Gift an interesting read and much better than the books we had to study in primary school. We really came to like Ross and wanted to know how everything turns out, although some of the plot was a little stereotypical and was easy to predict. 

The next book in the series is due to be released next month!

By Taha and Rebecca 1Z