Monday, 29 April 2013

Go Animate: Julius Caesar Revision

This week I'll be using Go Animate to set revision questions for my Junior Cert. English class. This year we studied Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. Go Animate is a great online website that allows you to make animated videos from scratch or simply use templates (I've created examples of both below). The website also allows you to use automated voice actors so the shyer pupils don't have to give their voice to the characters. Of course, the more confident pupils can! Posted below are five videos depicting key moments and quotes from each Act.

(For pupils: The dialogue has been edited for the purposes of saving time. The videos are just a cue. Be sure to use your copy of the play for exact references/quotes.)

Q. 1) Why was this an important moment in Act 1? What did it tell us about Caesar's personality?
(10 Marks)
Caesar and the Soothsyarer  Julius Cesar Act 1 by NewEnglishBlog

Q. 2) How do men treat women in the play? Was it wise for men to treat women this way?
(10 Marks)

Julius Caesar Act 2 Sc.1 by NewEnglishBlog

Q.3) Name the men with ? faces and pick one theme that Shakespeare was developing with this scene.
(10 Marks)

Julius Caesar Act 3 Sc. 2 by NewEnglishBlog

Q.4) Are Cassius and Brutus friends in the play through love or necessity? (10 Marks)

Julius Caesar Act 4 by NewEnglishBlog on GoAnimate

Q.5 Overall, did you like or dislike the character of Brutus in the play? (10 Marks)

Julius Caesar Act 5 by NewEnglishBlog on GoAnimate

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