Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Leaving Certificate English Tips 2013 #LCetips13


With the Leaving Certificate exams just around the corner I was hoping to start an online conversation on what are some good tips for the Leaving Certificate English exam. I'm hoping people will post their tips on Twitter using the hash tag #LCetips13. At the end of every week I will then collect the tips and embed them on the Blog (like below). It would be great if teachers and pupils could share in the hash tag. And that is the key word, share. If you're looking for your next essay point on Elizabeth Bishop please don't use the hash tag to ask! Get working! If lots of people leave something great hopefully we'll all be able to take something away. If you're a pupil and don't feel like sharing that's fine but be sure to follow the hash tag for that bit of advice that might just make the difference on the day. Just some suggested areas the tips could be on:

  • Specific writers
  • Language types
  • PCLM
  • A specific part of Paper 1 
  • A specific part of Paper 2
  • Revision technique
  • Essay points
  • Helpful online revision site/links
Hope to see you in the online study hall!