Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Julius Caesar: J.C. Wordle Collection

This week I asked my Third Year pupils to create a Wordle on Julius Caesar based on what they thought were the key terms in the play. They could pick any theme, character, moment or word that they learnt during their study of the play. I asked the pupils to first write the terms they thought were important into their copies. Once that was done, they had to review the terms and assign each one a numerical value. The term they thought was most important was to have the highest value. By entering that term the most into the Wordle box, that would result in it being visually clear which term they thought was most important. Pupils continued entering terms backwards from this value resulting in the examples below.

Wordle: Julius Caesar
' I choose power as the main word in the play so far because the majority of the drama was based on power. Power caused a civil war between the people of Rome, families were turning on each other and friends were turning on friends.' —atreacy98 

Wordle: Julius Caesar Key words

'Manipulation is the key element in this play as manipulation is always the start of any event in the play. Caesar's death, civil war and Anthony's speech' —ap99

Wordle: Julius Caesar

'I thought that Rome was the most important theme in Julius Caesar as all the events in the play happen because of Rome.The conspirators act because they feel the Rome that they so dearly love is threatened.'smur14 

Wordle: Julius Caesar 3f

'I chose Rome as my main word because all key words and moments happened because of it.Ceasar was killed for the future of Rome, Brutus before he makes any decision thinks of the effects it may have on the people and the future stability of Rome'.—e.s 3f