Monday, 6 January 2014

Resource Sharing Site for Second Level English in Ireland

The idea for creating a resource sharing site for English teachers is not new. I've had many conversations with teachers about creating one. Many Irish teachers already contribute and use TES, a fantastic site for sharing resources and lesson plans. However many teachers, myself included, feel an Irish based service would be really beneficial to teachers in this country. With changes on the way for JC English and a Leaving Certificate course that is already highly specialized, in comparison with other countries, the advantages of an Irish based site are clear.

I've created this quick online survey below for a few reasons. The most obvious reason would be to gauge teacher sentiment on such an idea. Secondly, I'd like to get funding from the DES to create this platform. Finally, I'd like to get some teacher feedback on what the site should look like and features it may have. The initial response to the survey has been great and I've upgraded to Survey Monkey account to accept 1000 responses. I'm hoping to leave the survey up for the month of January or until 1000 responses have been reached, whichever comes first, before compiling the results. It would be great if you could pass the link on to as many Second Level English teachers as you can for completion. The survey can be:

- Completed below

- Found at this link (copy and paste to share!)

- Downloaded here for a colleague to complete on paper before you send in the result on the online survey.

Thanks in advance,


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