Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Collaborative TYE Poem

 Each pupil contributed one line between 1 and 10 syllables

TYE Class Poem
Third year’s done, time for fun.
Put together at the start of the year,
The birth of new jokes.
We make this transition together
Making the most out of our TY.
The way we click,
You couldn’t pick,
A cooler bunch of kids.
The top of Mount Joust, TY rose,
1s and 5s in music brings us closer,
Class vs. Class soccer match with Greg in PE
The games in Corbett’s class.
We gel like the silicon in the windows.
We bond like a pack of wolves in the forest.
The banter in Bradshaw’s beats the rest,
The craic and the jokes are mighty.
It’s that time of day again, the sun is in its prime,
It’s very quiet and there’s never anyone in.
Our class is kind of mental.

TYE Class Poem (mp3)