Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hairytale Land

 Hairytale Land is a TY drama production.

As the TY production of Hairytale Land draws closer, the production team give us a quick insight into what to expect!

Hairytale Land – TY Drama Production
Newbridge College is to host a new and exciting Transition Year drama production this forthcoming May.  Hairytale Land is a facetious story that relays the bizarre situation of two ordinary school kids who are thrown into a strange world with fairytale characters they have only ever read about.  Katherine Murphy will be playing the fashion fanatic Amy, with Tom Higgins as the rugby star Tommy.  Their lives are altered forever when they find themselves in the territory of the evil, Black Snow played by Sarah Coller.  The situation worsens with the presence of the philandering and slimy Prince Sleazeball played by Mark Sutton; he is always waiting for any opportunity to use his excessive charm.  Amy and Tommy find many obstacles in their path but also some comedic performances from various famous characters.  A weird and wacky experience will be had by all.  Watch this space!