Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mike Maher on Of Mice and Men

Steinbeck's classic investigates the fragility of both human dreams and life in the natural world.

Newbridge College second year student Mike Maher shares his review on Steinbeck's classic Of Mice and Men. Mike recently completed the novel as part of his Junior Cert. course. Below is a sample but click here for the full review.


by Mike Maher

The novel 'Of Mice and Men' is a tale of friendship, hope and tragedy. Set on a ranch in Salinas, California, it follows two friends, George and Lennie as they strive for a better life.
My first impression of the book was its excellent use of description. Steinbeck has a way of making ordinary things seem beautiful, such as making a sycamore tree's branches 'mottled, white, recumbent limbs'. Usually, when a person sees a tree, they just see an everyday object, and move on. Yet in just one - hundred and six pages, time is taken to let us visualise each scene and its contents. This level of detail is carried on throughout the novel, creating an image in our mind of what is going on.