Monday, 21 May 2012

Culture Factory

Culture Factory are a local community activity group based in Newbridge. They are hoping to make a poetry publication to sell in the Newbridge area. It will contain poems from all the schools in the Newbridge area. As such, any pupil here from the College is able to send an entry to Posted below are two entries from pupils here in the college.

The Christening Robe

Once the box is opened,
The smell presents,
That misty smell of old.
This simple white dress, blanket and shoes,
Makes me realise Why it can never be sold.

As clean as the newest snowflake,
Its beauty undeniable,
The essence of time stands still in its presence,
Only worn for one day,
Every once in a while.

My Grandmother sits smiling beside me,
Lost in her own precious memories.
 Not much is left,
Only her mother’s creation,
Passed on from generation to generation.

by Niamh Jordan

13th Apostle (Caught in a web)
On the verge of the supper below the last step,
Stands one of equal significance,
As sacred as any whom attend the session above,
Perceived, although, in a drastic light.

Few acknowledge this interloper might
Without story, or ceremony
To give it light.

The consecrated texts within miracles occur,
Obscure the power of the nameless other,
The 13th Apostle.

 by Bryan Hayden