Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Third Year wins Poetry Award

Elizabeth receives her award (Back row 3rd from left)

NewEnglish would like to congratulate Third Year pupil Elizabeth MacBride on a recent poetry award she received. The award was presented by North West Words -Focail Aniar Aduaidh 2012 Children’s Poetry Competition. It was Sponsored by Donegal Pens & The Educational Company of Ireland. Well done Elizabeth!

The Kookaburra and The Wasp
You be the kookaburra, I’ll be the wasp
Who cares what they say, who cares if they talk

You’ll be the hyena with your cackling laugh
I’ll be the awkward and clumsy giraffe

You’d be the house cat, trying to sleep
I’d be the church mouse, timid and meek

You’d be the eagle soaring high overhead
I’d be the mole that’s grounded instead

I would climb the highest tree and I would swim the deepest sea
But would you do the same for me?

You are the lion, I am the lamb
We both know our love is damned                            

Elizabeth MacBride