Thursday, 10 May 2012

Resource Pack: Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare's tragedy of two star crossed lovers remains as popular a choice for Junior Certificate studied drama as ever. The play addresses a multitude of themes such as revenge, love, hatred, friendship and hope. The play has many interesting characters from the tempestuous Tybalt to the loving Nurse. This collection of resources begins with a video book of  the play by CC Prose.

1. The entire play online.
2. The death scene (Act 5 Sc.3) as performed by the Globe Theatre Company.
3. Shakespeare Online Guide to Romeo and Juliet with summary and analysis.
4. opensourceSHAKESPEARE text with one click quote correlation.
5. Comic strip of balcony scene with worksheet.
6. BBC GCSE Bitesize: Video, analysis and more.
7. A collection of art inspired by Romeo and Juliet.
8. Lit guide to Romeo and Juliet.